Dexter High School Alumni Association

Upon graduation every Dexter student automatically becomes a member of the DHS Alumni Association. The two primary purposes for our maintaining contact data are to (1) inform Alumni about news, projects and events of the Alumni Association and (2) be a resource for classes at the time they are planning a reunion.

The Alumni Association works hard to maintain the privacy of its Alumni. While we understand and share concerns for privacy, we believe that the Association's standards for privacy outlined below should alleviate any concerns of our Alumni.


The contact information collected by the DHS Alumni Association is not shared with individuals. Request from individuals are handled in the following manner:

  1. If we have contact information for the Alumnus/Alumna sought, we will take the requester's name and contact information.
  2. We will then try to forward the requester's information to the Alumnus/Alumna.

Contact information for members of a specific class may be shared with an official Class Reunion Committee.


Please send any questions or comments regarding privacy to:

Dexter High School Alumni Association
   PO Box 83
   Dexter, Michigan 48130


Dexter High School      Dexter, Michigan